Kanna Thalli

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 1953

Synopsis: Shanta (G. Varalaxmi ) and Chalapathi (R. Nageshwara Rao) have two children, Ramu (ANR) and Shankar (Nambiar). Chalapathi runs away, abandoning the family due to financial problems. Shanta, with the help of Ramu, takes care of the family. Ramu sends his brother to a nearby town for further studies. Ramu sends his dowry money to Shankar for his studies. Shankar spends all the money on fleeting pleasures. Gowri (Vasantha), a village belle, falls in love with him. But Shankar already has a girlfriend. One day when Shanta visits Shankar and that same time he kills his girl friend and runs away. To protect her son, Shanta takes the blame and goes to jail. She asks Ramu to arrange for Shankar to marry Gowri. Shankar repents for his mistakes and reforms.

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