Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 2021

Synopsis: The protagonist Yogi Babu family will do anything to get their hands on money not knowing to hunt ghost they agree to do so when they are approached by a tycoon. As soon as they enter the isolated mansion 'Pattumalai bungalow' They start to witnessing a few ghost episodes and they realised the mess they have put themselves in. But it's too late as the ghosts are not ready to Release them back to the normal world. The ghost remains stuck in the bungalow and Stops the tycoon from selling it When confronted The ghost reveals their true self to that Bungalow and how horrible the tycoon had Snatched it away from them. In present the tycoon tries to hunt down the Ghost with the help of a paranormal team But things started getting out of hands When the protagonist family who was sent by him Turns against him along with the ghost for justice.

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