Shah Rukh Khan's return to the big screen after four years with 'Pathan' is no less than a celebration for the fans. While fans liked King Khan's action avatar in the film, Salman Khan's cameo as Tiger was also no less than a big bang. Everyone was elated to see both the Khans sharing a screen space after years. At the same time, after watching 'Pathan' and 'Tiger' together, fans are making theories about the Spy Universe.

Agent Kabir will enter from 'War' movie?

Seeing 'Pathan' and 'Tiger' together in the film clearly shows that the Spy Universe is getting bigger. Salman did a cameo as Tiger in 'Pathan', then Shahrukh will do a cameo in 'Tiger 3'. Amidst all this, it is being said that 'War' agent Kabir will also come to support Pathan and Tiger. Fans are making different theories after some hints from the film, in which it is being said that Agent Kabir i.e. Hrithik Roshan is also likely to enter the Spy Universe.

Hint found in 'Pathan'?

Actually, Ashutosh Rana has played the role of Colonel Luthra in 'War'. At the same time, Ashutosh Rana has also appeared in the character of Colonel Luthra in 'Pathan'. Also, his look in the film is exactly the same. Not only this, several times in 'Pathan' Colonel Luthra is also seen mentioning Agent Kabir.

This is also a reason

If this Spyverse is made, then the possibilities of Hrithik Roshan are also high because the writer and director of 'War' was Siddharth Anand. At the same time, 'Pathan' has also been directed by Siddharth Anand. In such a situation, it is expected that Tiger, Pathan and Agent Kabir will be seen together in a film. Let us tell you that it has been five days since the release of 'Pathan' and it has done a business of 282 crores so far.