Thiruvin Kural, Thiruvin Kural review

Thiruvin Kural is an enthralling Tamil-language psychological action thriller movie, released in 14 April 2023. Harish Prabhu takes the helm as the writer and director, while the esteemed Lyca Productions produces the film. The captivating cast includes Arulnithi, Bharathiraja, and Aathmika in the lead roles, with Subatra Robert, Monekha Siva, Ashraf, AR Jeeva, Harish Somasundaram, Mahendran, and Mullaiarasi delivering commendable performances in supporting roles. This cinematic masterpiece weaves together suspense, action, and psychological elements, promising an exhilarating experience for audiences.

Thiruvin Kural Movie Review:

The latest Arulnithi starrer, Thiruvin Kural, attempts to captivate audiences with a nail-biting thriller narrative. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes painfully clear that the writing lacks the creativity and depth necessary to deliver an engaging and surprising cinematic experience. The film follows Thiru, a young man who is mute and partially deaf, as he faces a group of psychopathic hospital employees who target him and his loved ones. Unfortunately, Thiruvin Kural falls into the trap of tired scripting tropes, creating a predictable and unsatisfying journey for viewers.

A Weak Narrative:

Thiruvin Kural suffers from a poorly constructed script, which fails to establish a coherent narrative for the thriller it aims to be. The hero, Thiru, is an idealized character, while the villains lack clear motives for their heinous actions. The challenges thrown at the hero feel predictable and follow the age-old template, leaving little room for surprises. Even with a more experienced actor, the cliché-ridden storyline would struggle to hold appeal. Arulnithi's limited expressions further diminish any hope for an engaging performance, making the film's weaknesses even more evident.

Lack of Conviction and Logic:

The film's writing also lacks conviction and logic, particularly in its treatment of recurring killings and the demonization of a specific physical appearance. These elements reveal a lack of thought and creativity in the storytelling process. Furthermore, the earlier portions of romance and family care come across as cringe-worthy, failing to establish a genuine emotional connection with the audience. As the movie progresses into moments that should be uncomfortable and intimidating, the lackluster twists further undermine the intended impact. The overly loud score by Sam CS seems desperate to keep viewers awake, highlighting the film's struggle to maintain engagement.

Performances and Characterization:

Arulnithi portrays Thiru, a mute character, which allows him to avoid the pitfalls of flawed dialogue delivery. However, his expressions often fall flat, failing to convey the depth and emotion required for such a role. The roughness he brings to fight sequences lacks the expected elegance, further detracting from the overall impact. Bharathiraja's presence seems more like a satellite addition to the movie, capitalizing on his market value as the cool grandfather/father figure. Aathmika, as Bhavani, offers a pretty but ultimately underdeveloped character. Ashraf's portrayal of the gang leader lacks the necessary impact due to the sloppy writing, which fails to provide sufficient details on these characters. Baby Monica and Subatra Robert, known for their roles in Kaithi, also play significant parts in the film.

Missed Potential:

Thiruvin Kural, with its limited locations and the hero's disabilities, initially holds promise as a movie centered around overcoming personal challenges. However, the final execution transforms it into a run-of-the-mill mass masala entertainer, featuring a predictable flow of events that rarely evoke empathy for the victims. The film misses the opportunity to deliver a thrilling and engaging experience that would have resonated with audiences.


Thiruvin Kural, despite its initial aspirations as a nail-biting thriller, fails to impress due to weak writing and predictable storytelling. The lack of coherence in the narrative, combined with the uninspired characterization and limited expressions of the lead actor, diminishes the film's overall impact. While the performances by the supporting cast have their moments, the sloppy writing leaves their potential untapped. Ultimately, Thiruvin Kural is a missed opportunity to deliver an exciting and surprising cinematic experience that would have left a lasting impression on its viewers.