Por Thozhil, a captivating 2023 Indian Tamil-language crime thriller, weaves its narrative under the skilled direction of Vignesh Raja, while the creative minds of Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja have penned a story that keeps audiences at the edge of their seats. With the seasoned R. Sarathkumar, the talented Ashok Selvan, and the captivating Nikhila Vimal in the lead, the film masterfully brings Subramania Bharati's poetic essence to life from his celebrated work, "Puthiya Aathi Chuvadi." As the silver screen embraced its brilliance, "Por Thozhil" garnered not only acclaim from critics but also triumphed as a resounding commercial success.

Por Thozhil iBomma Plot Summery: A bright but faint-hearted rookie cop has to overcome his fears in order to succeed in his first case which sees him partnered with a reclusive senior officer to catch a serial killer on the loose.

Por Thozhil Budget 

"Por Thozhil," the suspenseful crime thriller, was crafted under the joint production efforts of Applause Entertainment, E4 Experiments, and Eprius Studio, with a budget of Rs. 8 Crores. Penned by the creative trio of Alfred Prakash, Vignesh Raja, and skillfully directed by debutant Vignesh Raja, the film's compelling narrative and production quality resonate with audiences, making it a noteworthy addition to the genre. The budget allocation reflects the commitment to delivering a captivating cinematic experience that captures both intrigue and suspense, drawing viewers into the world of mystery and crime.

Por Thozhil OTT Release Date

The highly anticipated Tamil movie "Por Thozhil" made its theatrical debut on June 9, 2023, and is now a much-awaited release on OTT platforms this month. Por Thozhil was Released on OTT Platform SonyLIV on August 11, 2023.

Por Thozhil Review 

'Por Thozhil' is a finely woven psycho thriller that captivates audiences with its intelligent layers and suspenseful narrative. Unlike many Tamil cinema psycho thrillers, which often merely entertain, this film delves deeper into the minds of its characters, resonating with both genre enthusiasts and the general crowd.

Ashok Selvan's portrayal of rookie cop Prakash is both timid and bookish, a stark contrast to Sarathkumar's seasoned and brash veteran officer, Loganathan. The unlikely duo is tasked with unraveling a serial killer case in Trichy, their conflicting personalities adding tension to the fast-paced storyline.

Sarathkumar's transformation as Loganathan showcases his versatility as a character actor, portraying a relentless investigator who gradually reveals his vulnerabilities. Ashok Selvan's performance as the junior officer navigating a treacherous situation is authentic, striking a balance between fear and endearing awkwardness.

Nikhila Vimal's role as a technical associate provides a breath of fresh air, though the romantic subplot feels forced. A surprise appearance from a yesteryear hero adds to the intrigue, while the imposing performance of the actor playing the serial killer is commendable.

The film's strength lies in its refusal to underestimate the audience, taking them on a thrilling journey alongside the detectives. The emphasis on the impact of parenting on shaping young minds is a powerful message that culminates in a climactic scene, justifying the ticket price.

While 'Por Thozhil' draws inspiration from Western works like 'Silence of the Lambs' and real-life serial killers, it stands out with its ingenious storytelling and character development. The writing by Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja shines through, complemented by top-notch cinematography and editing. The background score by Jakes Bejoy, although generic at times, adds to the overall atmosphere.

Applause Entertainment and Shakti Film Factory deserve credit for presenting this well-crafted film to Tamil audiences. Debutant director Vignesh Raja's meticulous script unveils layers of psychoanalysis within a complex plot, making him a standout discovery of the year, if not the decade.

'Por Thozhil' is a must-watch for those seeking an intelligently crafted psycho thriller that resonates beyond genre preferences, leaving a lasting impact on both cinephiles and casual viewers alike.