The Tamil movie "Leo," starring Vijay, Sanjay Dutt, and Trisha, has been making waves at the box office. As it completes its 13th day in theaters, let's take a closer look at its worldwide box office collections and budget.

Day 13 Collections:

On its 13th day in theaters, Leo saw a good run in Tamil Nadu, but its performance dipped in other regions. The film grossed approximately 5.5 to 6.5 Crore worldwide, according to trade figures. This brings the total box office collection to a staggering 544 to 546 Crore gross worldwide, as per trade figures. The producer's figure stands at 540 Crore gross worldwide for the first 12 days.

Breakdown by Region:

Here's a regional breakdown of Leo's box office collections:

1. All India: 358.55 Crore gross or 302 Crore nett (Trade Figure)

2. Hindi: 21.8 Crore nett (Producer Figure)

3. Tamil Nadu: 189.8 Crore gross (Trade Figure)

4. Andhra Pradesh / Telangana: 45.1 Crore gross (Trade Figure)

5. Karnataka: 37.05 Crore gross (Trade Figure)

6. Kerala: 54.9 Crore gross (Trade Figure)

7. Hindi + Rest of India: 31.7 Crore gross (Producer Figure)

8. Overseas: 180.45 Crore gross (Trade Figure)

Day-wise Collections:

Let's take a look at the day-wise box office collections for Leo:

- Day 12: 9.5 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 11: 24.5 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 10: 18 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 9: 9.5 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 8: 11 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 7: 22 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 6: 45 Crore gross worldwide (Trade Figure)

- Day 5: 46 Crore gross worldwide

- Day 4: 70 Crore gross worldwide (Hindi: 3 Crore nett, Producer Figure)

- Day 3: 75 Crore gross worldwide (Hindi: 2.5 Crore nett, Producer Figure)

- Day 2: 65 Crore gross worldwide (Tamil Nadu: 25 Crore gross, Hindi: 1.75 Crore nett)

- Day 1: 145 Crore gross worldwide (All India: 65 Crore nett or 79.2 Crore gross, Hindi: 2.75 Crore nett, Karnataka: 14 Crore gross, Kerala: 12 Crore gross, Tamil Nadu: 35.5 Crore gross, Telugu states: 12 Crore gross, Hindi + Rest of India: 5 Crore gross, Overseas: $7.9 Million or Rs 65.8 Crore gross)

Leo's Worldwide Ranking:

Leo currently stands as the 3rd highest-grossing Tamil movie worldwide and the 7th highest-grossing South Indian movie.


Leo's impressive box office journey continues as it enters its 13th day, with substantial collections both in India and overseas. The film's star-studded cast and engaging storyline have contributed to its remarkable success. As it maintains its position among the top-grossing South Indian movies, Leo is a testament to the power of captivating cinema.