Salman Khan's 'Tiger 3' Box Office Collections Day Wise, Wiki, Hit Or Flop

Latest update on the box office performance of the Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi-starrer 'Tiger 3', the film is witnessing a gradual decline in collections following the conclusion of holidays and cricket matches.

On its 9th day at the box office in India, 'Tiger 3' managed to collect an estimated 7 to 8 Crore nett across all languages as per the producer figures, marking a drop in numbers after the cricket season ended. The Hindi version alone gathered 7 Crore nett according to the producer, while the trade figures reported 6.5 Crore nett for the Hindi version.

Despite expectations for a surge in collections post-cricket, the film maintained a consistent performance without experiencing a significant rise.

As of now, the total box office collection for 'Tiger 3' stands at 238 Crore nett across all languages, with a gross worldwide collection of 380 to 385 Crore. The film has secured a spot on the list of Highest Grossing Indian Movies.

Here's the breakup of the collections:

- All Languages Producer Figure: 230.75 Crore nett

- Hindi Producer Figure: 224.25 Crore nett

- Tamil + Telugu Producer Figure: 6.5 Crore nett

- Hindi Trade Figure: 211 Crore nett

- Worldwide Gross: 370.28 Crore

The day-wise collection trends in India are as follows:

- Day 8: 10.5 Crore nett
- Day 7: 18.75 Crore nett
- Day 6: 13.25 Crore nett
- Day 5: 18.5 Crore nett
- Day 4: 21.25 Crore nett
- Day 3: 44.75 Crore nett
- Day 2: 59.25 Crore nett
- Day 1: 44.5 Crore nett

In terms of its global performance, 'Tiger 3' earned 98 Crore gross from overseas markets after 9 days, making it a noteworthy contender on the international box office scene.

The movie, released on 5400 screens in India and 3500 screens overseas, had a total of 8900 screens worldwide.

With an estimated budget of 300 Crores, inclusive of production costs and promotion expenses (P&A), 'Tiger 3' shares a budget similar to 'Jawaan'.

Regarding its economic standing, 'Tiger 3' needs to surpass the 310 Crore mark to be considered a hit and must exceed 300 Crores to be termed an average performer at the box office.